February 15, 2018



Aperol is like the softer and sweeter little brother of Campari. Campari is bold, bitter and full of strong flavors, whereas Aperol is much sweeter and fruit forward. That is not to say it lacks depth or complexity, it just has a lighter more approachable version of bitter, herbal and woody notes.

Aperol was first made in 1919 in Padua, Italy, and as with all old liqueurs, it has a secret blend of citrus, spices and other botanicals. One of its’ best attributes is the low alcohol content (11%) which allows you to use it as a really light flavor modifier.

It did not really gain its’ popularity until the 1950’s when the Aperol Spritz was made after supposedly being inspired by European equivalents of the drink. In 2003 the Campari Group purchased the brand and really emphasized the “spritz” side of the drink by marketing it as the perfect drink for parties and gatherings.

FLAVOR: Light orange peel, and red candy hit you right off the nose, followed by a bit of herbal complexity and woody bitterness.

GOOD FOR: Mixing in cocktails, and drinking with soda water or anything else bubbly.

PRICE: $20

USED IN: Peony

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