February 2, 2018


Kummel is an old European liquor flavored primarily with caraway and fennel. Other background spices round things out a bit, but they don’t come through too much. Kummel has been around since the 1500’s and was supposedly first made by the Dutch distiller Lucas Bols.

Stories say that the liquor idea was taken by Peter the Great and brought back to Russia after discovering it while on a scouting mission in the Netherlands. From there it was made and spread through Europe and to this day Russian and Germany are some of the largest producers of this widely undiscovered liquor.

It has long been enjoyed by the European upper classes and is famous for being served at several prestigious golf courses. Take a few sips of this to help dial in your putting and chipping.

The caraway and fennel notes can be paired with lots of different flavors so the direction you take it is up to you.

FLAVOR: The smell mostly hits you with sweet light fennel and caraway, like rye toast with fennel jam (not sure if people actually do that but it would taste like this). It is thick and viscous and tastes very similar to the nose: savory spices, black licorice and rye bread boosted by a reasonably strong sweetness.

GOOD FOR: Adding a touch a sweetness and predominately caraway flavors to cocktails. Think of the flavor of rye bread in your cocktail…sounds weird but is really tasty. If you are an old European guy, try drinking this on the rocks.

BRANDS: Helbing, Wolfschmidt, Combier, Gilka, Mentzendorff.

PRICE: $28 for 750ml

USED IN: Weepers Joy, Tailwind



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