October 13, 2017


Benedictine is an old French herbal liquor that only 3 people at a time know the recipe for and there is not a whole lot of information about it. The recipe has been around since the mid 1800’s and has a combination of 27 different botanicals.

FLAVOR: It smells like sweet honey and dried grass with a complex herbs in the background. It has a rich velvety texture and the flavor a sweet honey hits right as you sip it. Then come lots of bright dried herbal tones, a bit of lemon, mint, and floral characteristics, leaving a pleasant honey aftertaste.

GOOD FOR: Sipping chilled after a meal as a little dessert and to help settle your stomach, or use it in cocktails to add sweetness and light herbal flavors.

PRICE: $24 for a 750ml bottle

USED IN: Vieux Carre

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