Highlight Your Brand In Front of a Thirsty Audience

Share your products with an audience that already wants to have delicious things to drink at home!

How to Make Your Product Shine

1. Blog posts

A full blog post with images featuring your product

2. Photography

Beautiful product + lifestyle photos that align with your brand

3. Social Media

Posts on Instagram or Pinterest shared with engaged readers

4. Something else?

Have another idea to partner? I am always open to new ideas

There is nothing more important to this blog than its readers so I will NEVER share products I wouldn't use myself

Example Product Highlights

Frequent Questions

Will You Post in Exchange for Product?

The short answer is no.

Creating an Instagram or blog post with beautiful images and engaging content takes time! I am excited to work with brands that align with my audience and would be happy to discuss your brand's goals to create an effective post/campaign together. 

Of course I will always try new products and they could end up being shared if I enjoy them, but no guarantees.

Can I Use Your Photos or Content For "_"

You are welcome to reference content from the website with a clear link back to the page it is from.

Sharing images is also welcome as long as the blog post the image is from is linked to wherever the image is shared.

Yes, you can also share/repost Instagram images so long as you include @mydrinkinghobby within the first two lines of your caption.

Can We Advertise on Your Site?

You sure can! 

There are several ways we can create custom ads that resonate with both of our brands. Ads can be displayed on sidebars, footers, headers, on banners, or the home page.

Fill out the form below with more details on your advertising campaign.

Will You Send Over Your Media Kit/Rate Sheet?

I'd be happy to!

After learning about your brand's goals I will send over a media kit including all of Drinking Hobby's relevant stats, audience, etc...

I am also happy to share all the different partnership strategies and their exact costs.

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