September 22, 2021

Wray and Nephew The Iconic Overproof Jamiacan Rum

An iconic Jamaican rum with a powerful punch that works beautifully in cocktails

woman holding wray and nephew bottle

The bottle reads "distillers and blenders since 1825" and those nearly 200 years of rum making have solidified Wray and Nephew as a Jamaican cultural icon.

A beautiful combination of high strength and vibrant tropical flavors makes it a worthy addition many rum cocktails.

It adds layers of flavor to a classic Daiquiri, or Rum Punch, and it's powerful fruitiness even shines through a Rum and Coke.

The rum has been used for purification, to ward off evil, and as the lifeline of countless parties. Now it's your turn to get in on this bottle of Jamaican deliciousness. 

pouring a jigger of white rum

How strong is Wray & Nephew?

Wray and Nephew is %63 alcohol or 126 proof.

That's considerably higher than the forty percent alcohol that many other rums are bottled at which puts Wray + Nephew in the category of overproof rum.

What is overproof?

Overproof is the term used to describe spirits bottled above %50 alcohol, and it's most commonly used when talking about rum. 

That includes rum in the "navy strength" category (57% alcohol) and sometimes as high as 75 or even 80 percent alcohol. 

smelling a bottle of wray and nephew

The incredible flavor of Jamaican white rum

Despite its high alcohol content Wray and Nephew is bursting with mouthwatering fruity flavors.

As soon as you open the bottle there's a wave of overripe bananas, fruit, caramel, and tropical "funk". I like describing funkiness as a combination of super sweet fruit with a slight grassy flavor, which might not sound so delicious, but oh is it ever.

holding a bottle of wray and nephew

The taste also brings tons of that tropical banana funk with hints of vanilla, brown sugar and a really dry bitter flavor that ties everything together nicely.

That signature Jamaican rum flavor is made just right by master blenders that combine vibrant pot still rum with more mellow column still rum in just the right ratio.

wray and nephew label

Wray + Nephew cocktails

Powerful tropical flavor makes Wray and Nephew an awesome rum for mixing in cocktails.

It pairs especially well with any citrus, pineapple, coconut, and nearly any flavor you might associate with tiki drinks.

Wray & Ting Cocktail Recipe

Wray + Ting

A classic Jamaican rum cocktail that combines grapefruit soda with Wray and Nephew for a simple and refreshing summer highball

Try substituting Wray into any of your favorite rum drinks to give it an extra tropical kick. Or, if you are experimenting at your home bar, try using it with more unique flavors like spicy Ancho Reyes or sweet chocolatey creme de cacao.

TIP: When you sub it into a drink you don't need to replace all the rum in the recipe with Wray and Nephew. It might be too powerful so start small and increase the measurement if you want.

Be sure this bottle gets added to your home bar shopping list. If you like rum cocktails not trying them with Wray and Nephew is practically a crime.

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