April 30, 2018


Vanilla Syrup for homemade cocktails and drinks

Learn How to Make Vanilla Simple Syrup for Cocktails.

Vanilla Syrup is a great way to add some depth of flavor, and when you make it with vanilla beans it is easy and incredibly delicious.

It is really just a matter of adding in the beans during the process of making a basic 1:1 simple syrup, and then letting the syrup infuse overnight.

Most of the time a basic granulated sugar is what I use here to really let the vanilla shine through, but a cane sugar would be nice for this recipe too.

This is only one step more than making a basic 1:1 simple syrup so keep it easy and don’t get crazy.

You should plan ahead a little when you make this recipe because it really is better if you let it sit overnight to infuse.

If you are in a real hurry you could add more vanilla and infuse for less time but if you can get away with using less vanilla for the same results then you should do it the long way and be patient.

IF YOU WANT IT TO BE EVEN MORE FLAVORFULdon’t strain out any of the little seeds before bottling and leave it in the fridge to keep infusing and strain when it is how you want it.

You can also use the beans for infusing alcohol to use in your cocktails.

Yes, vanilla beans tend to be fairly expensive, but they are TOTALLY WORTH IT. A high quality vanilla extract does have a great taste, but something about making it with the beans gives it a lighter flavor that reminds me of marshmallows.

If you are looking to buy some quality vanilla beans you can find them on here* on Amazon.

You can store the extras for quite a long time by keeping them in a ziplock bag with the air pushed out in the refrigerator.



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Vanilla Syrup Recipe


  • 150 g Granulated Sugar
  • 150 g Water
  • 1/2 Vanilla Bean
  • splash Everclear or High Proof Vodka


  • Add the sugar and water to a small sauce pan.
  • Split the 1/2 Vanilla Bean the long way and scrape out the seeds with the back of your knife, then add the seeds and pod to the saucepan.
  • Heat the syrup gently over a low flame without boiling for ten minutes.
  • Let the syrup continue to infuse for a few hours or overnight in the refrigerator before using.
  • Strain through a fine cheese cloth to remove the seeds to stop the infusion (optional). 
  • Add a little splash of Everclear of strong vodka to help preserve your syrup.
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