May 29, 2018


Julius Orange Cocktail

A cocktail from Death and Company, inspired by an Orange Julius.

A classic combination created by Brad Farran, results in a cocktail that reminds you of a melted orange creamsicle.

Obviously inspired by the well know milkshake, this drink from Death and Company has all the creamy orange goodness you want, but with a bit more balance than the sweet treat it is modeled after.

The dry curacao gives a great orange flavor but not overpowering sweetness, so when you combine that with the lemon juice, it results in a more balanced finished cocktail.

Creating this Orange Julius style drink.

There are specific ingredients provided by the Death and Co. cocktail book which I try to follow as best I can because they really do their research over there.

The curacao that they recommend is the one from Pierre Ferrand, which is really the standard used all over. I encourage you to get a bottle for your home bar. When it is called for in recipes it is hard to replace, plus it goes well with pretty much any base spirit so you can do all kinds of messing around with it.

As for the rum, they suggest Cruzan Single Barrel. This is a rum I have never tasted before and I did not intend on buying a bottle just for the 1/2 an oz that is called for in this recipe.

So I decided to use Gosling’s Balk Seal Rum instead.

It has all kinds of dark caramel, toffee, roasted coffee, and chocolate notes to it, which sounded like they would go nicely to back up the creamy fruity profile of the Julius Orange. So I say use a dark rum that you have, and your drink will just be a slight bit different from the original, the 1/2 an oz will not make a huge difference in the end anyway.

Julius Orange Cocktail


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Putting the Julius Orange together

A key helping ingredient here is the supporting flavor that comes from the Vanilla Syrup.

It helps to give it that classic creamsicle flavor. However, if you do not feel like making the recipe HERE (which I suggest), you can substitute regular simple syrup and a small splash of vanilla extract.

The other ingredients are straight forward. Use fresh lemon juice, quality cream, and your favorite orange bitters.

The finial touch here is the grated nutmeg over the top of the finished drink. You should really do your best to not skip this step if you can.

Nutmeg has a way of taking all kinds of drinks (and food) to the next level, and it is worth having some to shave onto your desserts and cocktails.

The Death and Co. recipe instructs you to give it a short shake with 3 cubes. You want to do this so that when you strain it onto the ice there is still a little room for dilution so it remains flavorful as you sip.

Next time you’re in the mood for a milkshake, stay home and whip up one of these babies.


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Julius Orange Cocktail Recipe


  • 2 oz Dry Curacao
  • 1/2 oz Dark Rum
  • 1/2 oz Lemon Juice
  • 1 tsp Vanilla Syrup
  • 1/2 oz Heavy Cream
  • 1 dash Orange Bitters
  • nutmeg


  • Prepare a glass by filling it with crushed ice.
  • Add all the liquid ingredients to your shaker.
  • Add 3 cubes and give it a quick shake.
  • Strain into your prepared glass.
  • Grate nutmeg over the top, and stick in your straw to serve.
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