What do you need to know about the Manhattan and Old Fashioned?

Let's start with their similarities

An Old Fashioned and Manhattan both have whiskey and a few dashes of bitters as their base

A Manhattan is traditionally made with rye whiskey while an Old Fashioned is more often made with bourbon

Difference #1

Difference #2

The Manhattan is sweetened with vermouth while an Old Fashioned is sweetened with sugar or simple syrup

Different tastes

The Manhattan has a subtle dried fruit and spice flavor from the sweet vermouth while the Old Fashioned has a more straightforward whiskey flavor

Which is stronger?

Both cocktails have the same amount of whiskey but the Old Fashioned may taste stronger because of its more whiskey forward recipe

The Old Fashioned and Manhattan are both great, it's just a matter of preference

Is one better?

Both drinks are often garnished with an orange peel and cherry

The garnish

Manhattan vs. Old Fashioned

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